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    We work with bold and beautifully small businesses to create a unique and personal concept for you and your brand. Scroll down to learn about the packages we offer! Each package is designed around you…

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    Bee Branding started from a group of friends who wanted to use their creative talents to help other businesses reach their potential. Collectively we are a group of three digital girls with over 4 years…

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    I gained a first class degree through hard work and lots and lots of you guessed it…PROOFREADING! The key to good content and also clear content is making sure you’re speaking the best possible English…

    I offer both proofreading and editing as a package based on an overall word count. Please email me at: whatsheblogged@outlook.com with 'proofreading and editing' in the subject for a quote and let me help you spot the difference.

    Sex and The City Tay Ho

    I’ve only lived in Hanoi for a few months now but my experience so far of men here can only be compared to the likes of the men in Sex and The City (please tell…

    Sex in the city of Hanoi is as you think, overwhelming and from what I hear- random as hell! From ‘my girl Fridays’ to finding the love of your life on a tour, the only thing that's on offer here is sex and lots of it so, eat up.
    Ninh Binh

    Month 2#

    Dear diary, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve deleted the words off this page, rethought both the sober and drunk messages that I’ve sent to guys who didn’t deserve my day dreams, let…

    I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve deleted the words off this page, rethought both the sober and drunk messages that I’ve sent to guys who didn’t deserve my day dreams, let alone my scrambled midnight brain. All I know is I need to stay.

    How to Make Your Own Tea Tree Back Spray

    Fed up of anti blemish products claiming to be paragon-free? Why don’t you make your own? Click on how to make your own tea-tree back spray, its really simple and a 10th of the price.

    7 Things about Phenoxyethanol: The Allergy Paraben

    I pulled out a foundation, a bronzer and a random shampoo bottle to test a theory I had and guess what? They all contained a paraben called Phenoxyethanol, which after copious amounts of research, I found out these 7 scary things…

    5 Ways to Use Aloe Vera Effectively

    Aloe vera…the myths, the claims and my blog post on five effective ways to use it. Oh yes, I will be talking about how it fits into my daily routine and why you should fit it into yours…ALL HAIL ALOE VERA.

    3 Botanical Beauties

    This week I wanted to talk about botanical beauties and the brands behind them. Botanicals are extracts from plants, flowers, herbs, nuts, seeds, roots and berries and made into oils, face mists and other botanical beauties. These are three of my favourite beauty brands that I’m using at the moment that have botanical ingredients in them.

    Joanna Gaines: Homebody Book Review

    #1 New York Times bestseller ‘Homebody’ by Joanna Gaines has been on my book bucket list since I heard of its release. The nearly 350-page guide on how to design your dream home finally came through the post on the other weekend and my fingertips were poised ready to peel off the wrappings…

    Alexandra Shulman: Inside Vogue Book Review

    I’ve always loved the idea of reading an Editor-in-Chief’s diary, there’s always a gleam of magic I think behind a woman’s visible power in a job that influences many and has the possibility to alter history. This month I read ‘Inside Vogue’ by Alexandra Shulman, click to read my review…

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