Making Smarter Choices When Starting up Your Own Small Business

These days, everyone seems to be interested in starting up their own business. A small side hustle is a great way to secure an alternative source of income, and there are lots of unique ways…

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How toxic is your clothing?

I’ve seen a lot of people generating new businesses recently, and that is wonderful to see but when it comes to beauty products, how ethical are they and are we wearing toxic chemicals? When Pretty…

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3 Ways To Reuse Your Empties

I really love finding green beauty brands that also care about the environment and choose sustainable packaging. I also think it’s important to see these brands use their influence within the beauty community to create…

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5 natural beauty trends and how to make the switch

I used to shop based on how pretty the bottle looked or what was popular on the shelves and in the adverts. I’d carry around a basket and throw things in it with products that were on offer or ones that I usually wouldn’t be able to afford. I was also the ideal shopper the beauty industry looks for…I only read half the label!

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Four Things To Do When Travelling is Back To Normal

Travel has been heavily affected due to the pandemic. Many countries are closing their borders to protect themselves, causing travel to be a pipe dream instead of a reality. However, things are starting to look…

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How to Travel Around The UK During The Pandemic

Looking to take a staycation in the UK? Over the last year, travel options have been very limited due to the pandemic. While hotels are open in many places, they can still be a risky…

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