3 Ways To Reuse Your Empties

Do you have any empty or nearly empty amber glass jars in your home? Do you recycle your empty beauty jars after you use them? Or have you joined the #reuserevolution and are reusing your beauty products?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or even if you’d like to start today, keep reading!

Over the past few years, I’ve made it my mission to be more ethically conscious when buying beauty products. Choosing brands that use glass instead of plastic not just of the negative impact on the environment, but because of the microplastics that go into my beautiful cleansers/moisturisers. It’s not hard to reduce our individual plastic use and we can feel better for it too!

I’ve recently started to reuse my amber glass cleanser jars by putting flowers in them to decorate my home office. Did you know that plants are a great mood booster and they have been known to eliminate pollutants in the air?

Here are three ways you can be greener today and reuse your empty beauty products and repurpose what would have been wasted.

Brown glass jars

I’ve repurposed my Facetheory brown glass jars with my shampoo and conditioner. I buy the refill versions as I wanted to be greener and use less plastic.

Hand pump bottles

I refill my Beauty Kitchen hand and body cream bottle with more hand cream. The bottle is made from a recyclable aluminium and is perfectly reusable. Unfortunately I don’t live near one of their refill stations as I like in North Wales but if you do head over to their website for more information. I believe other brands have joined in the #reuserevolution too!

Essential oil bottles

I love the little tincture bottles, I think there is something nostalgic about them that makes me feel elegant and regal. I like to reuse mine by mixing my own body oil together and some I even wash out and reuse as gifts!

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