5 Uniquely Sustainable Welsh Businesses to Add to Your Basket

In 1998, I was around 6 years old, probably in my garden making mud pies with my sous chef Ginger- my cat. Can you guess what type of cat he was?

So, we’re still in the latter part of the ’90s when Wales (my home country) became one of the first nations in the world to develop a sustainable strategy towards Climate Change.

2010 was the big year that The Welsh Government officially had a complete Climate Change strategy in place. The strategy sets out the Welsh Government’s commitments to reducing emissions.

Since the strategy has been in place, Wales has met its 3% annual target, reducing its emissions in areas like energy, recycling, and waste management. With acts like ‘The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act‘, ‘The Environment (Wales) Act‘ and ‘The Planning (Wales) Act‘. Wales is one-quarter of the U.K. that is cleaning up its act.

In recent years, a number of small businesses have grown ethically and sustainably. Focusing on Wales, there are many businesses looking to change the way you have been looking at the things you often throw away.

Here is a list of Welsh small businesses who are leading in the sustainable lane:


Lovaine is a sustainable fashion brand focused on slow fashion and consciously creating annual collections that speak to the individual in all of us. Founder, Designer & Photographer Emilie Layla Lovaine-James also does cool prints too, check out her surfer collection here.

Photos by Lovaine.

Crimson Moon CSP

Crimson Moon makes custom made cloth pads and they are reusable too! Simply choose your fabric, length, and flow. So, why not try something new? Order yours here.

Photo by Crimson Moon.

Vintage Hearts

Founder and designer, Katherine Benbow, handpicks and designs her vintage finds for that authentic vintage look. I’ve still got a checkered jacket from her in my wardrobe that I plan to patch up or sew myself.

Photos by Vintage Hearts.


Looking for sustainable activewear? Since 1995, Howie’s has been making high quality, low impact clothing for running, cycling, and outdoor activities. The award-winning, West-Wales brand is also ethically produced using organic, recycled, natural fabrics with certified cotton Merino wool. Feel the quality and make the change today. I’ve linked you up here.

Photos by Howie’s

Tabitha Eve

Founder Debbie seeks to run a business that is kinder to the planet and I’m marching right behind her on that! Tabitha Eve’s focus is on the reduction of landfill waste and replacing single-use plastic. Tabitha Eve offers a wide range of accessories for the home, baby, and gifts. Some of my favourite products are ‘vleather lunch bags’, ‘zero waste gift set‘, and ‘organic makeup rounds‘.

Photos by Tabitha Eve

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