A Blogger’s Christmas

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year, wooly socks, hot chocolates and the most prettiest and heartwarming interior decorations around. For me, there’s no better place to stalk designs then on Instagram.

I’m talking you through my favourite looks from the bloggers I follow. With all sorts of styles and colours, I just love how positive Christmas is don’t you?

First up, is Dutch lifestyle and interior blogger Judith Huls.

I love her style simply because its so simple but incredibly chic! I’m such a big fan of plush velvet and minimalistic ornaments as they’ll make any home look lavish and expensive!

Judith’s pop of colour is perfect with her use of indoor plants, which will make your home timeless.

2. Elise Vestre is a Nordic lifestyle blogger who focuses on a boho vibe. Expect white and lots of wood to compliment her earthy tones of pine cones, hanging vines and festive cosy home.


2. Elinmekraft  is another nordic blogger who is literally a Christmas Wonderland. I love that her style is like stepping into the North Pole. i don’t know what I love more… the white painted wooden dressers, studded suede dining chairs, art deco style mirrors or the white decorations with just a hint of pastel colours. Mm, perfection!


3. Julie Blanner is an American lifestyle blogger and entertaining expert who is fond of traditional Christmas decorations. I really like how budget friendly her style is, and natural might I add! She uses figs of magnolia, berry bush and real Christmas trees dotted around her home. My favourite is her blush Christmas tree and shelves filled with ginger bread houses, which is post fun and whimsical as she calls it.


4. Ashleigh at Cherished Bliss is another American Blogger but my God I love her creativity! As a creative soul myself I love the fact she’s reworked things and made them her own. Style is nothing without your own added touch and this gal has it! I love how warm and cosy her style is. From her the autumnal tones of her Christmas tree to the cute details of her decorations and DIY wall arts which can transcend all year round.


I could go on for years with inspirations but I’ll stop at four! I hope you’ve liked my pics, I think there’s so much talented bloggers in the world and as a traveller there’s nothing like meeting these beautiful people, which I hope to do one day as I have so many more countries on my bucket list!

I hope you’ve all been having a lovely weekend!

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