Afternoon lovelies!

This week I’m talking about my go-to online store ASOS, and my top picks from their racks.

Hold up, can we just mention this heat?! I swear Brits moan that its too cold and then when its summer and we finally have decent weather, thats not okay too because its either too hot and not enough breeze or too much and our hair is going everywhere…

My first pick are these ABSOLUTELY gorgeous CHUNKY HEELS by LOST INK for £44. The metallic pink is a definitely throwback to the 80s and the sequin embellished heel is just a kick in the right direction.

Or if you’re not feeling the 80s vibe which is definitely back in fashion, why not opt for the 1940s war time retrograde? Say hello to your new favourite heels in nude, the ASOS PENALTY POINTED HEELS for £32!

Something to be aware of this summer is everyone loving the colour red…such a pop of colour is so sass, maybe red’s not your colour but then again maybe you haven’t found the right shade for you. Meet the TRUE DECADENCE PLEATED SWING DRESS for £75.

Moving on to the summer holidays, which have already arrived for some! How about the ASOS WOVEN MAXI DRESS for £26? This style is great for any shape and paired with a boyfriend jacket or oversized opened shirt for the evenings, would be fab for your Greek getaway or Italian affair.


Thats it for this week, but ASOS also currently have a up to 70% off sale so make sure to stop by their summer sale too!

LB xox

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