Awesome Travel Adventures for Animal Lovers

Are you interested in booking your next travel trip? If so, then you might be interested in figuring out where you should go. Perhaps you love animals? Well, you’re in luck because there are plenty of awesome travel adventures that will be perfect for the typical animal lover. Here are some of the possibilities:


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You might want to start by finally booking a safari. A safari is an adventure that will be on a lot of bucket lists and it’s not hard to understand why. There’s nothing quite like African safari trips and tours. You will gain the remarkable opportunity to get up close to some incredible animals and find some wonderful experiences along the way. If you want our advice, you definitely need to make sure that a night safari is part of your experience. Don’t forget that a lot of animals are far more active when the sun begins to set over the Savanah. You need to make sure that you are packing the right equipment too. At the very least you should make sure that you are packing a pair of binoculars and potentially a great camera too. This is going to help ensure that your trip memories last a lifetime.

Disney World

If you don’t want to travel too far when planning your animal adventure trip, then Disney World could be the right option. The animal kingdom and Disney are now one of the leaders in the world in Animal conservation. Now while you can’t volunteer to work with the animals, what you can do is sign up for a backstage pass. This will show you how the animals are cared for, provide you with feeding options and take you behind the scenes of the park. It’s a very cool experience and one that might just fuel your safari need if you can’t quite afford that trip to Africa. 

Living Dinosaurs

Of course, you might be interested in exploring and searching for animals where there are only rumors of their existence. Essentially, you could be interested in going on a monster hunter trip. Now, there are numerous places in the world where this is a possibility and some are more famous than others. One example of this would be Loch Ness. Loch Ness has been rumored for years to contain a sea creature. Something to keep in mind is that there have been literally thousands of sightings of this monster and it’s still widely unknown what could be the cause of this. It’s also interesting to note that wherever there is a large stretch of water, there are usually stories of a mysterious animal that lives deep beneath the surface. 

There are plenty of other travel possibilities for monster hunters too. For instance, the Himalayas are believed to be home to the mythical Yeti. While the Congo Jungle is thought to home living dinosaurs. While you might scoff at the notion, reports of Dino sightings date back as late as the ’70s. There are also over ten thousand sightings of dinos recorded every year. Could there be some fact in the fiction here? 

Amazon Rainforest

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You might also want to think about heading over to the Amazon Rainforest. If you have been following the news lately, you will know that the Amazon has been burning down. This is bad news because it is believed that species exist here that haven’t been discovered. Furthermore, there are tribes who call the Amazon their home. Of course, if you are a nature lover then there might not be any place on earth better to visit and explore. You just need to make sure that you are preparing for this trip the right way. It’s true to say that the Amazon may not be as safe as you would hope and we’re not talking about the animals that lurk within the trees. Instead, it’s important to consider the real danger that is most definitely humans. 

The good news is that there are steps you can take to ensure that you still get a chance to visit the Amazon. You need to make sure that you are booking with a great company. It’s important that you don’t end up with people who have no idea what they are doing. The right company should also hopefully provide you with a guide to make sure that you stay aware of the danger areas. 

Hug a Panda in China

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Or finally, you might want to think about visiting China. While the coronavirus is currently keeping China off-limits for most travelers, that’s not going to be true forever. When things are back under control and we’re on the right track once more as a global society, China could be a great place to explore. This is particularly true if you love animals. There’s one key reason for this and that’s pandas.

The Panda Ark in Dujiangyan is a just one of the many animal reserves in this region of China, they focus on rescue and rehabilitation of the pandas, as well as controlling any diseases they might have too. Set amongst the mountains and nature, the park covers over 126 acres, a huge playground for the pandas to explore and be cared for safely.

You can actually get up close and personal with the friendly bears. Specifically, you’ll be able to hug a baby panda and spend ten minutes in their playful company. This is going to fly by just as quickly as you would perhaps imagine however it’s a memory that you are guaranteed to never forget. You’ll be able to make sure that you are able to play games with them and learn about them from the experts who look after these animals. 

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