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Happy Monday everyone!

So its five days until I’m off on my first solo adventure to Bali, Indonesia to celebrate turning a quarter of a century…SAY WHAT!!? I can’t believe how quick time flies and you’re so busy dreaming of the shiny things that you miss living them. I’m so glad I decided to do this, as I’ve been traveling before but that was with one of my best friends and I think everyone should travel with someone and alone.

I know so many solo backpackers and its crazy fun meeting new people from around the world, and not at all as scary as you think. You honestly meet the nicest people travelling, people who like yourself, are wanting to see more of the world and discover things about themselves they didn’t know before.

This week its kind of hit me how close I am to boarding my next adventure. I’ve finally bought ALL my outfits, lotions, vitamins, accessories, injections, insurance documents and all of the other important things. I’ll probably forget something or think of something that I need whilst out there. I swear I have such a big imagination that I can come up with something I can find a use for, its more of a luxury item that’s popped into my head, than a life or death item!

Its going to be a fun filled 10 days touring Bali’s temples, rice farms, monkey forest, hidden beaches and waterfalls, then switching things up with exploring the beautiful Gili Islands for the remainder of my trip.

ALTHOUGH! HOLD THE PARTY TRAIN! I pulled my back in work today, using the industrial metal lifts, you know those hella strong old lifts from the 70s that should probably be illegal because you either have to be Brienne of Tarth or The Hound to be able to just slide it across with one motion. You’ll see me squatting and pulling it across and slamming it to close (yeah, you have to slam it to close it properly!), it must be hilarious to watch!! So i’ve been plastering the deep heat, resting up, hydrating and drinking APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, which I’ll do a post about this week before I go, because honestly, its amazing and there are so many benefits!

I’ll be updating this post come the weekend, my little niece LOVES to help so i’ll no doubt be getting help packing my suitcase from her. She’s great!

Thanks for reading!

LB xox

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