Beauty Kitchen’s Organic Vegan Hand Sanitiser

One of my favourite U.K. beauty brands has done the unthinkable…a hand sanitiser with no toxic ingredients!!

It came to my attention a few weeks ago that as we’ve become more conscious of wanting to keep our hands clean…we have also become prone to this unconscious desire to buy without really looking as to whether hand sanitisers have the right amount of ethanol to kill the virus or what ingredients are actually necessary to keep our hands clean. I have tried Beauty Kitchen’s products before so after searching for a natural hand sanitiser online, I was delighted to come across Beauty Kitchen’s Organic Vegan Hand Sanitiser.

I trusted them and purchased their WORKPLACE PACK – ORGANIC VEGAN HAND SANITISER 6 x 500ml refill bottles that came with three free gifts!

Here are some of the reasons why I love their Organic Vegan Hand Sanitiser:

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