Can we really have it all?

Can we really have it all? I thought, whilst sipping my morning green tea in a quirky coffee shop in town.

Then it got me thinking, when do you have a wildly successful career and a great relationship? And is it possible?

I say yes! But, that’s probably because my head is filled with sky scrapers and too ambition for a small town girl.

I can’t help it though, I want all of it and I know there’s successful people out there who have equally successful relationships and family lives. It’s all about balance, it’s got to be.

I’ve read countless articles of powerful women and adverts of celebrity men who boast about the joys of their success in all areas BUT, is it real? We know it’s influential and does them a few favours but, I guess you never really know if in 10 years or so, you’ll be asking the waiter for a table for one or not.

That’s my worst fear is having one side of my life thats going great and the other is falling to pieces because you know they end up influencing each other.

I think in a situation like this where we’re overthinking the future, we have to just aim for everything, but cleverly focus on one good thing at a time.

I’m finding that this year, multitasking is my middle name. I swear, you should get all your modules out of the way in the first year of university, and then dissertations should be a separate year all together.

We can’t be perfect but we can definitely strive to be something like it on occasion and you never know, you might be a lucky pup and get what you want, but tell me this, would you really appreciate having the dream if you never worked for it?

And only then, do we realise what we have if we’ve nearly worked our heels out for it?


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