Can’t buy me love.

Its a Wednesday night and I’m sat in bed recovering from a near overdose from two delicious men named Ben and Jerry’s, when it suddenly dawned on me, can love really be bought?

When it comes to relationships, is the ‘honey moon’ period essentially us being bought by dates, promises and promiscuous wild nights under a starry night sky?

And when we really think about it, is all just roses until one of us can’t spend anymore on the materialistic ventures that keep us interesting?

I was watching the 80s classic, ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’, featuring the teen heartthrob that is Patrick Dempsey.

If you haven’t seen it, its a great chic flick to just watch on an afternoon that is only reserved for those rare days which you allow your youthful self to dream and be naive again.

In the film Donald/Ronnie (Patrick), buys Cindy, his teenage crush for a month of fake dating to be popular. As a kid who hasn’t hit the popular mark during high school, he wants his final year to be a metamorphosis.


Patrick and Cindy end up spending quality time together, which leads them to form a relationship with their true selves revealed. HEART EXPLOSION, they speed off in the sunset on his lorn-mower, laughing happy etc.

Great film. My short review probably didn’t do it justice but, who else prefers him in ‘Maid of Honor’ too?

When it comes to the real life scenario, I feel like I’ve been bought in terms of spending time with a fake person. Hear me out.

You know when you think you’re madly in love with a guy and he just turns around and surprises you with a new attitude or behaviour? And you blow it off as a mood swing? Yeah! We’ve all been there!

What I can’t understand though, is when guys who try to buy your affections by pretending to be your friend or someone you might like.

There’s something awful and embarrassing when you have to announce that you won’t date a guy because, he assumes that his award worthy help deserves you, like some sort of prize he’s bought from his helpful hand.

It’s just a little muggy, don’t you think? ‘Muggy’ as in like you’ve been robbed of something.

For me, buying someone’s love is a sure way to end anything you could potentially have by faking your way through it.

So it leads me back to the question, if love can’t be bought, why are so many of us buying into it?


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