Cardiff and The Exchange Hotel

So, a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel down to Cardiff and stay in one of the swankiest hotels near the bay. With my suitcase in hand, (and probably another huge bag on my shoulder) I ventured forth from North Wales down South.

I think the train ride said it all, where I had to move seats three times because a woman needed to sit in my reserved seat because she said the sun was in her eyes in the chair next to me. The suitcase rack was stacked high and people (including me) were getting high rate- which means annoyed, very annoyed. By the time I reached Cardiff, I was SO happy to get off and walk to my hotel, I forgot about the weather. Being the scatterbrain that I am, I thought that I could power walk my way through the wind which also featured a LOT of rugby fans. Drunk, rugby fans. As you may already predict I was REALLY glad to see the front of The Exchange Hotel.

I was warmly greeted by reception who offered me to check into my room straight away so I did and of course I dug out my camera immediately and wandered around the hotel.

A little bit about the history of The Exchange Hotel:

Built-in 1888 by Edwin Seward, the Renaissance Revival style building was once the Coal and Shipping Exchange and was used as a market floor and office building for trading in coal in Cardiff, it later became a hub of the global coal trade.

In 1901 Edwin redesigned The Coal Exchange with a luxury feel, which you can see in their great hall with the infamous dragon clock.

The hotel has undergone even more beautiful refurbishments which I took FULL advantage of as they kindly put me up in their Signature Suite- which let me tell you was stunning. From the moment I pulled out my card from the keyhole and opened the door, the words “fanciest room ever” entered my mind!

From the plush sofa that greeted me from the front door, to the monsoon shower and jacuzzi in the bathroom- I was in heaven and they also have those really soft pillows too, not the hard flat ones- which is always a problem for me in hotels as I suffer with a neck injury so thank you for that!

Sadly, it was only a fleeting visit as I had to get back to work but I did manage to stop off at Cardiff Castle before I needed to get the train home, which you can walk in half an hour from the hotel. I loved this castle because of its rich history and architecture which I enjoy taking pictures off. Some of my favourite spots were the stained glass windows of King Henry the 8th and Jane Seymore and his father and mother, King Henry the 7th and Elizabeth of York.

If anyone has been take notice of the STUNNING ceilings!

You should check out the library! It has stunning gothic style architecture and the chandeliers are incredibly detailed, I’m slightly obssessed with them.

Although it says its a 25-minute walk to Cardiff Bay, I would say it was around 10 minutes and I don’t even walk that fast. As you can see though, it is very central to everything, including the castle and The Millenium Stadium and Centre so whatever you’re into, its only walking distance.

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