How to Make Your Own Tea Tree Back Spray

Fed up of anti blemish products claiming to be paragon-free? Why don’t you make your own? Click on how to make your own tea-tree back spray, its really simple and a 10th of the price.

7 Things about Phenoxyethanol: The Allergy Paraben

I pulled out a foundation, a bronzer and a random shampoo bottle to test a theory I had and guess what? They all contained a paraben called Phenoxyethanol, which after copious amounts of research, I found out these 7 scary things…

5 Ways to Use Aloe Vera Effectively

Aloe vera…the myths, the claims and my blog post on five effective ways to use it. Oh yes, I will be talking about how it fits into my daily routine and why you should fit it into yours…ALL HAIL ALOE VERA.

3 Botanical Beauties

This week I wanted to talk about botanical beauties and the brands behind them. Botanicals are extracts from plants, flowers, herbs, nuts, seeds, roots and berries and made into oils, face mists and other botanical beauties. These are three of my favourite beauty brands that I’m using at the moment that have botanical ingredients in them.

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