Character’s Tea House

Llandudno is my home from home, and my local shopping destination except Chester, as they’re only a short distance away from where I live.

When you live in North Wales, although we have some of the most beautiful views in the world, it’s not great for a fashion addict like myself, let alone being a pescatarian with an unhealthy obsession over tea!

Whether it’s green tea or my dad is shouting,

“Tisho paned waahhh?”

Which is Welsh for, “do you want a cup of tea *insert slang word like doll or chicken instead of first name* ?”

So when I’m on the hunt for a decent cup of tea or a cake that doesn’t have 150 additives, I’ll head over to two of my favourite tea rooms, “Providero” and “Character’s Teahouse and Hot Stone Restaurant”.



As far as I know, they have a small but cute Providero in Llandudno Junction ( a 10 minute drive from Llandudno) and they’ve not long opened a larger one in Llandudno which is a honestly so great, as they brew local coffee’s and teas.

They had at least five loose leaf green teas for me to choose from, I think I chose the cherry one (a bit like Jasmine green tea – if you have a sweet tooth like me then this is perfect!).

All their cakes are homemade and are usually alternatively healthy too! They had carrot cake there today, and I managed to resist!

As someone who is allergic to fake sugar, I have to be careful what I eat and finding a good organic cafe is something I pride myself in finding, as I’m sure anyone who wants to make sure they’re putting foods which will not only benefit their body but won’t give them allergic reactions too!

I think homemade food tastes better anyway…


Character’s Teahouse and Hot Stone Restaurant

Since it first opened, I’ve loved the quirkiness of this place. If you’re like me and love a proper afternoon tea with bone china, then this is definitely the place to go!

Filled with the most random stuff you’ve ever seen, this teahouse is still the cosiest in town!

With candles and fresh roses, Character’s is classy yet sassy and will have the prettiest bone china cups you’ll ever see!

I love that things don’t match in there and that the slices of cake are huge! Today they had chocolate cake, carrot cake, red velvet…all the classics!

As I was walking out a couple were sat having an afternoon tea with the most wonderful three tier stand, which housed finger sandwiches, crisps, freshly baked cakes and two very large welsh scones with jam and cream!

I’ll have to try an afternoon tea one Sunday soon.

I’m up for recommendations too, so please feel free to email me at for any reviews. The organic and homemade the better!









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