Fashion Accessories That Serve a Genuine Purpose

Most of us accessorise in some way or another. We add accessories into our look for a number of different reasons. First and foremost, accessories provide us with a simple way to customise an outfit and add our signature stamp to it. Nowadays, more and more of us are wearing the exact same outfits, as we’re shopping with the same retailers. Fast fashion is reigning supreme, but it’s also making many of us look like cookie cutter versions of one another. By adding accessories to our outfits, we can help them to stand out from the crowd. But have you ever thought about how some of our accessories serve a truly practical purpose too? These accessories tend to be some of the best, as they make out lives easier and help us out with day to day necessities. So, which accessories really do serve a purpose in our lives beyond mere aesthetics? Here are a couple!


An accessory that is entirely practical, but has evolved to have countless designs to the point that it serves as a fashion accessory of sorts, is glasses. Now, glasses, of course, hold the practical purpose of helping people to see. They can rectify all sorts of sight, from long sighted to short sighted, helping the person wearing them to see more clearly. Different lenses are fitted according to different prescriptions for individuals. But glasses come in so many styles that there are bound to be a pair of frames to fit in well to anyone’s personal look. This has got to the extreme that many people who do not need glasses will invest in pairs with clear glass and non-prescription lenses to simply use the frames to add to their look! From classic style to round frames, square frames, cat eye frames and all sorts of other frames, it’s definitely worth browsing the countless options before settling on the perfect pair for you!

A Watch

The watch is a truly functional fashion accessory. After all, it helps you to tell the time. Now, many of us tell the time nowadays by using our smartphones. But watches give you the opportunity to sneak a peek at the time in situations where using your phone could seem rude or unprofessional. You can always wear a watch, which means you can always tell the time. But beyond this, watches have become even more functional nowadays. Right now, you can get watches that connect to your smartphone, allowing you to check your messages, answer calls, use alarms or use a whole other range of elements that are integrated into your smartphone. You also get fitness watches, which help you to stay fit. They track all sorts of data to draw up an accurate picture of your fitness and show you where you need to improve. They can track your steps. They can monitor your heart rate. They can see how long you sleep and how frequently you wake up. Some of these fitness watches can even be worn underwater, allowing you to swim with them on. These are perhaps some of the most functional watches available on the market.

A Bag

Bags are also highly functional fashion accessories. Some are small, allowing you to carry the bare essentials, like a phone, cash, cards and maybe lipstick on a night out. Some are secure and have compartments for laptops and other tech that you might need for your studies or work. Some are large, with space to fit overnight belongings in. Some are perfect for carrying gym equipment and gym gear to your workout session, fitness class or sports match. Some are huge and specially designed for travelling. Bags really are one of the most versatile fashion accessories that can help you to carry whatever you need, wherever you need. Make sure to invest in different kinds for different purposes and occasions.

Sure, there are many more practical and functional fashion accessories out there. But we’ve started out with just a few of the most commonly bought and worn, and some of the most popular options on the market. Remember that fashion doesn’t always have to be purely for fashion’s sake. Sometimes, you can make something extremely practical and necessary look great! Take a look at some of the examples above and consider whether any could suit your individual needs, preferences and requirements!

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