I’ve had a passion for food since I was a child, I think this came from my mother’s love of baking and always wanting to try new things but, it wasn’t until I turned Pescatarian a few years ago that I really started experimenting with the foods I was making and tasting on my travels.

Just like my mother, I have an obsession with traveling and I don’t mind going solo either! I think it’s important to try new things and I try and do that every day if I have the opportunity.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit and live in some amazing countries and I wanted to share my experiences with food and the beautiful cultures and history behind the recipes.

You’ll find all sorts of posts from energizing smoothie recipes to local bakers to vegetarian and fish dishes I’ve found and made my own. I’ve also included reviews on places I’ve been that you might want to try if you’re traveling to Wales or around the UK. Enjoy!