It must have been a week ago, I was sitting in my final e-Publishing class when my tutor asked the class, “name one thing you’ve learned from e-publishing.” I looked around at the quite frankly rows of gormless faces when I threw my arm up in the air and said,

I don’t know about anyone else but, I was looking into what job role I wanted and I was flabbergasted at how many roles I didnt recognise, then it dawned on me I don’t know what I’m qualified to apply for.

I continued to scan the room whilst I found my next words…

I’ve spent the past 5 years preparing for this time in my life and I’m not sure which direction to go in because there are so many avenues for writers and for me digital is something I want get my teeth into, so I’ve been editing and using different softwares to get up to date and its kind of made things worse because there’s even more jobs and no one can tell you which one will turn out to be the right one.

What happened next was quite funny, everyone in the room was either nodding or in a deep telepathic conversation with the floor and I just sat back waiting for my teacher to respond with some sort of heroic speech about our destinies but he didn’t.

He just agreed with me and I couldn’t help but wonder,

When you’re fresh out of uni and fresh out of ideas, how do you know your worth? Even worse, how do you know which direction to take?

Its like university has been holding onto me with these God-like reins, keeping me on this writer’s track but now suddenly, they’ve let go and I’m questioning myself with every application I submit because I want it, I really do want a career that I can look back on not settle for.

Sometimes you have to hold your own reins and be your own psychic and grab the life you want by your own two hands and make it work.

Read the description, read the responsibilities and always go for a job where you know you can be everything they need but more so there’s room for you to grow.

Since finishing university last week I’ve been really thinking about the kind of company I want to invest my time and effort into because it’s always more than that. Anyone who’s been in a job they love for a long time will tell you how much they’ve learned from not just the role but the people they’ve surrounded themselves with.

This is definitely something I’ve been telling myself recently, do I want that? Do I need to work for them? What’s are people saying about working there? What do they offer their employees? Where can I go if I worked there?

These are all incredibly relevant because your career isn’t just a paycheck, its how you map out your future and you should care because they care enough to hire you.

I think this year is all about silently praying that I’m good enough, that all my hard work over the years is good enough to be given an opportunity to be a staff writer, to have a title that I can update on my social media and a life that I can be proud of.

Ambition is key here and so is faith in yourself because no one else can get you there but YOU.






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