How to Ask Someone Out

I’ve been single for a while now and I’m not ashamed to say that on occasion (even though I’m focusing on my career), I miss having someone to talk to.

Although the prospect of not being in a relationship right now doesn’t scare me, any single person will tell you, it gets lonely.

I’m not talking about need someone to have sex with, I’m actually talking about someone making you laugh, or talking to someone about real-life problems and also geek stuff like which do they prefer; Star Wars, Lord of The Rings or Harry Potter. There’s real friendship deal-breakers here, depending on which you pick.

Over the past year that I’ve currently been single, it got me thinking, what are the rules of asking someone out? 

Because I know we all have a mental checklist of the things we do and don’t like in people, for me, it’s drugs, I can’t do it. I also hate it when guys want to make their ex’s jealous, or want to hurt women in general.

Why would you want to hurt someone you love? Simple, you don’t love them.

I dated someone briefly last year, and although he was a pure gentleman on the dates, I think how much he hated his ex really scared me, and I felt as though I was a pawn in a little game he was playing, by telling her we’d slept together in his bed etc.

I’m a girl too and that would hurt me, and I’m not stupid as to the reasons why he was telling her. I don’t have time for that anyways and neither should you.

Asking people out…I don’t think I’ve asked anyone out since high school and well that was a valentines card sent my neighbour.

I think he knew it was me because his family new mine and my mum dropped the card off and he was there…absolutely gutted!

I have however, been asked out recently and they’ve been one of two things…

So do you wanna go for a walk and a blaze?

I was completely dumbfounded when I heard the term ‘blaze’, but apparently yes, he asked me if I wanted to go for a walk and smoke weed. He’s a professional golfer too…like how did I get that?

Then he called me savage for deleting him ha!

Forgive me if I’ve offended anyone who likes to do drugs but, I personally don’t agree with them, I’d rather ‘take the edge off’ with going to Alton Towers or travelling.

The other time I was asked out, I was asked if I wanted to have a summer fling or if I ever had one and wanted to give it a go…I mean, I wasn’t even body ready for that kind of a commitment, let alone the type to do that.

The idea of being that vulnerable with someone when you don’t even know them is scary.

TELL ME IF I’M WRONG but, don’t girls want a little respect when they’re being asked out? Don’t guys want respect too?

Where are all the guys who want to get to know you first?!

Its as if they don’t care whether you’re a psycho or not ha! It saddens me that all my luck is with guys so far, is ones who can’t take their anger out on their past relationship and have now picked you to take it out on. I hate that.

Yeah, everyone has insecurities, and I think its cute AF when guys are clumsy but, people don’t be on your phone while I’m talking to you. What’s the point in trying to have a conversation?

Also I’m a big believer in paying my own way or shall we call it treating each other?

Yeah, well I’m super happy to do that for my friend. But, don’t you feel really awkward that someone expects you to pay or that you expect someone else to?

It’s even worse when they say, “shall I go up first, or do you wanna go up?” ABSOLUTE DATE KILLER!

The only thing I’d let a guy do on a first date is pay for one drink, then I’d buy one back. I think that’s only fair if you’re both enjoying each other’s company.

There’s not a complete art to asking someone out but, maybe don’t ask to see their tits, have sex or do drugs, unless you’re into that but who knows on a first date?!

I know we only get one life and all, but everyone needs to cool the jets!


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