Liverpool lass Julie King, a Forensic Accountant and Fitness Blogger has worked time to tell us how she’s inspiring people to be both mind and body-positive.

W.S.B: Hi Julie, it’s lovely to meet you. I’d like to start off by saying what a great thing you’re doing with your Instagram account, motivating people with fitness! So far you have nearly 2,000 followers to your account. When did you first have the idea to start such a body positive account?

JK: Hi, lovely to meet you too.

Aw thank you! To be honest it was never an idea, I just posted my day to day routine and people started to follow me. I always get asked how I’m so motivated, it’s really flattering.

W.S.B: You’re inspiring not only men but young women to use both their minds and body to achieve better, do you have any advice for the young women wanting to break routine and change their perspective?

JK: Breaking routines and creating news one can take a lot of time. I would recommend people to be consistent, patience and to remind themselves why they started – 3 very important things!

With regards to gaining new perspectives, my go to is to travel new places but I understand not everyone can do that. Reading is also massively helpful for gaining new perspective. I honestly never used to read until last year, and since then I’ve read book after book – mostly personal development ones.

 W.S.B: Do you have any favourite quotes?

JK: Oh I love a good quote! I think my favourite is simply ‘mind over matter’. Our minds are such powerful things.

W.S.B: Outside of Instagram, what do you do as work and any hobbies?

JK: I’m a trainee forensic accountant, which I absolutely love! It’s really interesting. My main hobby is the gym, but I also do some boxing and yoga.

W.S.B: What’s on your bucket list and have you smashed any of them?

JK: *massive smile* I love to talk about bucket lists! I always wanted to travel Thailand, and I’ve always wanted to travel alone! So last Christmas I did exactly that.. and travelled Thailand alone! It was so empowering and I would recommend everyone to travel alone once in their lives!! I’ve since book Bali. I really want to do the inca trail in Peru, and sky dive!

W.S.B: Do you have any favourite routines?

JK: Leg day is my favourite day! Although I squat most days regardless. I mainly stick to weights and minimum cardio as I control my body fat percentage through my diet.

My leg day routines changes each day because It’s important to mix things up but they tend to involve, squats, lunges, donkey kicks, kick backs, hamstring curls and bridges.



W.S.B: Do you have any tips and tricks for getting in shape over 2017?

JK: I’d firstly start with saying be patience, most people expect to see results within a couple of days and it’s not realistic!

I would definitely recommend research foods and diets etc to see what may work for you. Staying hydrated is massively important too! You should aim to drink around 3 litres of water a day.

W.S.B: Do you have any tips and tricks for your followers wanting to get their mind in shape over 2017?

JK: Read read read! Your mind will believe anything you feed it, so feed it well. Honestly, you would not believe the impact the right kind of books can have on your mental state. Books such as the secret, the chimp paradox and feel the fear & do it anyway are a few of my favourites!

One famous Dalai quote is “once a year, travel somewhere you’ve never been before” – I think this is brilliant. I’m massive on personal development and believe progress is key to everything, as long as you are learning you are growing as a person.

W.S.B: What’s your guilty pleasure (food, music, film, hobbie) ?

JK: MINI EGGS!! Haha I can eat bags and bags!

My guilty pleasure with regards to music is Hall and Oats – there a band from the 70s/ 80s.

W.S.B: Thanks so much for the interview, it has been a pleasure. Just one last question: I see on your Insta that you’re a fan of the Dalai Lama, have you a favourite quote to inspire your followers?

JK: Thank you for having me, I’ve had a lovely day. Oh, there are so many good Dalai Lama quotes! I love ‘do not let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace’ – I’m still working on this!


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