How to Be an Editor

Lisa Hafey, current editor at Essentially Pop and social media guru, is taking a time out talk to WhatSheBlogged on how she’s juggling motherhood and her career, being a Jedward superfan and of course, how to be a successful editor.

W.S.B: Hi Lisa, so you’re currently editor of Essentially Pop, how’s that going?

Lisa: It’s going well – EP has been running since the start of 2014, and we’ve grown year on year. Last month (April) was our most successful month ever – things are looking up!

W.S.B: When did you first spark the idea to set up your own online magazine?

Lisa: I’d been writing for a number of music publications for several years, while at the same time I co-wrote a Jedward fan blog (still do), and through both of these I’d made a lot of contacts in the music industry, so it seemed natural to go it with our own business.

W.S.B: You co-own the business with your friend Juliet Barrable, how did you two meet?

We’ve been friends for nearly 6 years, and we met in the Jedward fandom.

W.S.B: Have you experienced any difficulties during the set up?

When we first started out we were on and quickly ran out of room and decided to host it on our own site. Because we had so many articles, it exceeded the bandwidth limits to move everything over automatically, so I had to move everything over manually to our site on I pulled an all nighter and managed to get it all done by 5am on New Year’s Day 2015 ahh! But otherwise, it’s been pretty good! We’ve got a great team of writers who just get on with it, and I think we’ve settled into a nice routine.

W.S.B: What’s the most valuable piece of information you’ve been given and by who?

Go to the park, sit on a swing, close your eyes and think of everything you want to achieve. Pull back, and fly like a Lisa.” Another one is to write your hopes and dreams in the steam on the bathroom mirror after you’ve had a shower. It helps you focus on what you really want to achieve. I’ve adapted that, and every day I write “YES”, because I’m going to achieve what I set out to do. Both of these are from Edward from Jedward 🙂 John and Edward have an undeserved reputation for being a bit silly and immature but in the nearly 6 years I’ve known them I’ve found them to be a lot wiser than most people. They’ve given me lots of advice over the years and have always been very encouraging.

 W.S.B: Do you have any golden rules you live by?

Nobody really knows what they’re doing – we’re all doing the cool walk. It’s a variation on “fake it until you make it”. I’m in my 40s and it’s taken me years to realise that “adulting” is a bit of a myth. I also quite like the Law Of Attraction and although I don’t practice it 24/7, I believe a lot of what I’ve achieved and opportunities I’ve had have been through being positive and believing it was possible.

W.S.B: Are you a self-taught mogul or did you study anywhere in particular?

Ha! I like mogul 🙂 I’m essentially self-taught – I used to write for my university paper, but I studied fine arts, not journalism. I’ve always been passionate about writing though. See above about doing the cool walk 🙂

W.S.B: Any advice to any aspiring wannabe editors?

Don’t let anyone say you can’t. Spelling and grammar are important, but passion for what you’re doing is even more so.

W.S.B. Thank you for letting WhatSheBlogged interview you and good luck with your business, Lisa!

 You’re very welcome! Thank you for the opportunity!


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