How to Maintain a Travel Blog When You’re Not Travelling

Travel is a massive part of most blogs. People want to hear about your stories and read your advice. Plus, you need an excuse to go on holiday and “report” your findings! Of course, the Coronavirus pandemic means that holidays and travel trips are on the back burner. 

Unfortunately, this puts you in a sticky situation since you must maintain your blog. How are you going to do that without being able to visit new locations and curate content?

There’s no doubt that it’s tough. However, it’s not impossible. You’ll find four of the best ways to maintain the travel aspect of your blog when you’re not travelling below.

Spread Out Posts

How often do you publish articles on your platform? In normal times, it’s essential to create content multiple times a week to ensure your audience doesn’t bounce. Currently, sticking to that routine is going to be challenging. Therefore, it’s smarter to spread out your posts and limit how often you publish them. As long as new content is gracing your website semi-regularly, your readers will understand. You can even address the reduction in posts and explain your reasoning so that your audience understands and isn’t caught off guard.

Save Posts For A Rainy Day

You don’t need to publish every post that you create. The great thing about running a blog is that you have editorial control. If you think a topic or angle will work well in the future, you can save it for a rainy day. Picture it like putting money aside when you get paid. The key is to craft content that’s evergreen so that it’s relevant regardless of the date or circumstances. recommends focusing on SEO to keep traffic levels high. You should also avoid references to features that are synonymous with specific periods as they age quickly.

Get Guests To Post

Curating content is tough, especially when you can’t leave the house to search for inspiration. Thankfully, being diverse can plug the gaps. Asking other bloggers to guest on your platform is a powerful way to engage your audience without doing the hard work. Everyone wins because they raise their profile and boost awareness of their site, and you get free posts. The admin is tricky as your processes will differ, yet could eliminate the confusion. Putting your requirements and specifications into a dynamic template should act as an effective reference point for guest bloggers to follow.

Make Mundane Posts Exciting

Never assume that an angle is too boring. In reality, your ability as a writer is the only thing stopping you from taking an idea and transforming it into something special. Also, it’s amazing how many travellers want to read about topics that most people find tedious. Surviving a long-haul flight, for instance, is an element that you must deal with if you enjoy visiting foreign countries, so any tips you can offer will be welcome.

Hopefully, travelling will be allowed soon. Until then, how do you plan to maintain your blog?

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