How to Make Your Own Tea Tree Back Spray

I have found that with the sweets comes the sour. The sun is glorious and I relish in the summer heat I really do but, it can also bring out acne on your chest and your back (and I know this all too well!), but I have found a simple solution to this and there’s no need to buy it from a shop.

I will admit, however, that I used to buy a tea tree back spray from Boots but, reading the ingredients I didn’t like the idea of spraying a concoction of chemicals that had the power to both clear up acne and give you them. I really don’t understand the need for parabens in anti-blemish products, especially when they claim to be “100% natural” or be “paraben-free”. So, I thought, why don’t I make my own anti-blemish back spray but without all the other chemicals and just the ingredients that I trust to help give me clear skin?

Start off by visiting your local health food store and pick up a bottle of tea tree oil. Alternatively, you can buy this online through Amazon.

To make your own tea-tree back spray all you need is two ingredients:

*tea tree oil


Of course, you’ll need a sterilized empty bottle with a spray pump but they can easily be purchased online or I repurposed mine.

Tea tree should never be applied neat and should ALWAYS be diluted. Per 180ml I generally use 2 to 3 drops and shake the bottle well before applying to the target areas. Its as simple as that! Happy making your own beauty products ladies!

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