How to Remain Productive When Self Isolating

How to Remain Productive When Self Isolating

I don’t know what day you’re on but I’ve been in self isolation now for 5 days and I’m already going stir crazy! I was thinking about productivity and how it’s so important during a time like this that we remain productive when self isolating. I wanted to create a reminder post of a few things that we can do to stay on track.

As this is becoming more and more common around the world, as has the availability of more online resources to help us fill our days and be creative with the gift of extra time many of us have found ourselves with.

So what are the best ways to help you productively use your days as you navigate a new world and create a new normal for yourself?

Bucket Lists

How about drawing up a list of things you have always wanted to do? Is there something you have always to learn, something you wished you had time to do in your previous life? Now is the time. Stave off the boredom by creating bucket lists.

One for what you can do or learn whilst remaining at home. Another one for what you want to achieve once the current world situation reverts back to life as we previously knew it. Make a list of places to go, unusual things to do, sights to see, and people to visit. Then create a list of ways you can improve your life when ‘normal’ service resumes.

Learn Something New

The possibilities are endless. There are so many things you can learn to enrich your life. If you are struggling to adjust to the longer days being cooped up at home. Focussing on learning new skills can be really beneficial to your repertoire and also your mental health too.

The following are popular options;

  • Languages
  • Taking an educational course
  • Creative writing 
  • Upcycling
  • DIY
  • Sewing 
  • Crochet
  • Exercise
  • Musical Instrument
  • Gardening


A common issue amongst people who spend a lot of time at home is keeping physically active. Along with a disrupted sleep pattern. A great way to combat this is to check online for new workouts, access Youtube for free videos from many different trainers covering a wide range of workouts.

Burning off excess energy can help you to feel better mentally as well as physically. It can also help you to regulate your day and apply structure if you choose to workout at the same time each day.


Socialising in the physical sense is something that many people are missing out on as they look to stay at home and limit social contact.

Look for different and creative ways to still speak to other people. Use video calls on mobile – group calls can connect many people at once. Use chat rooms or communicate with neighbours via open doors and windows whilst you remain separate from each via a physical distance.Write letters to family and friends or maybe sign up to become a penpal. Help someone else in the same condition alleviate the loneliness they are feeling by writing to them and making a new friend whilst helping you both at the same time.


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