How to Travel Around The UK During The Pandemic

Looking to take a staycation in the UK? Over the last year, travel options have been very limited due to the pandemic. While hotels are open in many places, they can still be a risky option. Below are a few safe ways to still enjoy a UK holiday while Covid-19 is still at large. 

Go camping

Camping may not be the most luxurious form of accommodation, but it’s certainly the cheapest and arguably the safest while the pandemic is on. By bringing your own tent and travelling with your own bubble, you can eliminate any risk of spreading the virus or getting infected.

A lot of campsites shut in winter, but there are still some campsites in the UK that are open all year round. Some campsites have shut due to the pandemic and others have opened with restricted facilities such as not being able to use public bathrooms (something to look into before you book a campsite). Of course, there’s always the option of wild camping if you want to be brave! 

Camping can involve doing without a lot of home comforts, but it can still be very cosy and exciting if you prepare effectively. You can read here for a few tips on how to make camping more luxurious

Rent a motorhome or caravan

Motorhomes and caravans allow you to enjoy your very own private hotel on wheels, making it a very safe way to travel. They’re more cosy than a tent and you can park up practically wherever you want (although campsites are often the best option if you want an electrical hook-up and bathroom facilities).

If you already own a motorhome or caravan, you’ve got it made. If you don’t own one, you could look into the option of hiring one. There are companies that specialise in motorhome hire and caravan hire. A good company will clean out each motorhome and caravan thoroughly after each customer has returned it, so you don’t have to worry about catching Covid off the previous users. 

There are also caravan parks with fixed caravans that serve much like guesthouses. These don’t allow you the freedom to travel where you want but could be another option. 

Book a guesthouse

A guesthouse allows you to stay in your own bubble and can offer a greater level of luxury for those that don’t want to camp or stay in a caravan/motorhome. Such accommodation could include anything from an apartment to your own private cottage. The likes of Booking and AirBNB have plenty of guesthouses listed to rent that you can choose from. Not all guesthouses may be in operation due to the pandemic, however there are many that are still being rented out. 

Try glamping

Glamping has become fashionable in previous years and includes staying in a luxury tent. Such tents may have heating, beds and even electrical sockets and lighting. They’re usually cheaper than a guesthouse, while offering many of the same perks.

Such accommodation can usually be found on campsites. There are also quirky options such as yurts and treehouse accommodation that blur the line between glamping and guesthouse. These types of accommodation allow you to stay in your bubble and will usually be thoroughly cleaned between each guest staying there. 

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