Let’s face it, it’s not Hollywood, it’s because it’s a man’s world that women directors are a shock to the media’s system.

Recently, S.J. Clarkson was announced to direct the upcoming untitled Star Trek sequel movie and I couldn’t help but feel like the news was more of an ‘oh, wow’ than a ‘this seems like their kind of film’ like she wasn’t really considered amongst the media or fans. Clarkson has previously directed Marvel series Jessica Jones, Life on Mars, Orange Is the New Black, Heroes amongst others.

The four-time award nominated creative has become the first female director in history to helm the Star Trek franchise. The fact that women are now being trusted to do more than write and produce, taking on a more controlling element in the film process has seen directors like Patty Jenkins return to their pivotal roles and continue their work, which I am thrilled about because its not even about the fact these talents are women, it’s that their body of works are being recognised and respected enough to be chosen again or for the first time on such auspicious franchises like Marvel’s comics and Star Trek.

According to a  2017 article on Variety, women make up 64 percent of writers, 43 percent of editors in Hollywood and on films with exclusively male directors, women accounted for only 9 percent of writers and 17 percent of editors. There were also fewer substantial roles for women in the film industry last year although, 2015 saw Sam Taylor-Johnson direct one of the biggest films of the year, Fifty Shades of Grey.

Even though 2018 has seen Clarkson being announced as the first female director in the Star Trek franchise, there is still an issue with this male and female director ratio and it comes in the form of sexism.

It’s no secret that Wonder Woman was such a hit that Warner Bros pushed Gal Gadot’s character to the front in their marketing for Justice League but fans were disappointed after the film’s release, not because of her awesome Amazon warrior presence on screen but the somewhat sexist claims outlined in Screen Crush.

Recently, Justice League came under fire for its difference in costume for its take on the Amazons and Snyder’s camera efforts for fans felt more concerned with their body’s than the strength that Jenkins beautifully portrayed in Wonder Woman.

Comparing Jenkins’ 2017 Wonder Woman to Zack Snyder’s Justice League released the same year- proved that Justice League needed Patty Jenkins to survive its franchise.

There’s a clear difference in the Amazon’s outfits in Wonder Woman on the left to Justice League on the right. Fans couldn’t see past the bracelets and frilled knickers that seemed focused on their female ‘assets’ than their honour which was greatly achieved with their armour as appose to Snyden’s ‘man’s gaze’.

This difference between the female and the male ‘gaze’ is an important reminder of the sometimes frightening world we live in where our bodies are worth more than our brains to the opposite sex. Is it too on the nose to say, #metoo ?

When the Me Too movement was founded this year, it set a president for females like Rose McGowen who created her own movement #rosearmy to announce a new paramount for how men and women are viewing each other and this sense of equality that needs to run with a respect that Hollywood is still missing sadly.

However, it’s clear that the potential is there and doesn’t need to be a female’s point of view, it can also be achieved by respecting men as well, even if the world we currently live in has been living under an idea of what percentage of equality we give each other.


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