Joanna Gaines: Homebody Book Review

#1 New York Times bestseller ‘Homebody’ by Joanna Gaines has been on my book bucket list since I heard of its release. The nearly 350-page guide on how to design your dream home finally came through the post the other weekend and my fingertips were poised ready to peel off the wrappings.

I’ve always been excited to have my own place and be able to put my own stamp on it but, being the creative soul that I am, my mind works in a million different ways so it’s hard to settle on a style collectively. To my surprise, since watching Chip and Joanna’s TV show ‘Fixer Upper’, I know my heart is somewhere in that mix of modern country that they are so good at styling for their clients.

The focus of the book is to help you to express your ‘authenticity’ and ‘personality’ through creating spaces in your home that you ‘never want to leave’. From the personal letter at the beginning to Joanna’s hand-drawn designs throughout the book, ‘Homebody’, even by its size isn’t too difficult to navigate.

The introduction is always helpful in a book, I sometimes think its one of the most important things to writing a successful guide, so the reader understands your message and you meet their expectations of the book. I really enjoyed Joanna’s, as well as the chapter on ‘Identifying Your Design Style’ as it helps to niche your own taste and make it easier to identify when you’re shopping for your furniture and overall aesthetic of your home. Whether you’re farmhouse or boho, the chapter further helps your identification with personal sketches of client’s homes and what type they are more or less of (see pictures below).

I love Chip and Joanna’s farmhouse and I think they’ve created some really clever and useful spaces in their home. They incorporate their children and not only make their spaces beautiful but also fun and educational.

In her true organised self, Joanna takes us through a collection of her past clients’ entryways, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and kids spaces. For anyone trying to map out a plan, I feel, it helps to divide and conquer. Which is exactly what she has done by dividing her book into helpful sections. To me, it’s not purely down to whether a specific trim or material fits into a room, its how you can balance your favourite designs into a style that fits the spaces in your home. For instance, I definitely identify with boho textures but I also really love the chunky rusticness of ‘farmhouse’. Something both these styles have in common is their clean lines and natural tones. I like neutral and natural colours, nothing too bright but also not dull so I think this is where warm chestnut wood floors and pieces would work well for me, as well as the painted ship lap that I often see in Chip and Joanna’s designs. It’s then adding simple elements like clean-lined metal open shelving that helps split up the distressed wood floors or furniture and ties in your style. I loved flicking through the homes of clients that I’ve seen before during the episodes of Fixer Upper. It’s hard to narrow things down but I think in the end with anything in life, you have to make a decision, however, we have a fairy godmother in the form of Joanna to help us create our vision.

I purchased my book from Amazon, simply because I am a self-confessed Amazon junkie who likes to get things delivered the next day at a reasonable price. You can purchase yours through the link below:

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