Now, I must have tried over 100 different types of foundations over the years…powder…liquid…I’ve probably purchased every kind!

It was about a year ago that I began looking into the ingredients of my foundation because I noticed my skin was only breaking out on days I wore makeup. I’d have a day off and as a general rule, I try to have at least one day a week where I’m makeup free, and I noticed my skin looked a lot less red, irritated and clear.

So, I asked a beauty therapist friend of mine why this could be and she asked me if I could see the word “Phenoxyethanol” in the ingredients, I said yes, and she immediately told me to go through every beauty product I had with this in, even shampoos and throw them away because although its a preservative (because companies don’t want beauty products going off quickly), its also an irritant.

I knew about parabens and how effective they were at producing angry looking spots on my skin and neck (they’re the worst!) so I knew not to simply trust them saying “paraben free” and check the label for myself.

After throwing away most of my beauty products and then having to scour through the shelves at my local Boots for products that didn’t contain parabens or phenoxyethanol in, I finally resorted to online shopping and found Lily Lolo, a natural beauty company specializing in both skincare and makeup which is also organic, vegan and cruelty-free.

They offer a wide variety of foundations but, my favourite is their mineral foundation because it’s full coverage. Here’s a list of the ingredients:


Suprised at the non-existent long list?! So was I…

You can purchase Lily Lolo’s Mineral Cosmetics here.


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