Lookfantastic Beauty in Wonderland Review

Lookfantastic Beauty in Wonderland Review


Hey everyone!

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far, I’ve finally got around to posting this on my blog but, its been live on my Youtube channel since last Sunday. Sorry…life of a third year.

So this Christmas, I knew I wanted to try something different and the idea of a beauty calendar really appealed to me.

I chose Lookfantastic because I shop the site pretty much every month, whether its a refill of my favourite foundation or trying something new.

I’m always up for an adventure and as a writer I have a huge imagination, so when I saw the ‘Beauty in Wonderland’ beauty advent calendar I added it to my basket straight away.

At the beginning I was a little skeptical, as I haven’t tried a beauty advent calendar before. I was really surprised and happy with all the products. They’ve all received great reviews anyway and I knew Lookfantastic wouldn’t put any nasty products in their advent calendar.

I’m not going to use the products until Christmas, and I’m going to open them in December and pretend its the first time I’ve opened them. HA!

I included my niece in this video as it’ll not be long until she’s in high school and I remember those days well. I didn’t have a clue about a skincare routine or what was great for keeping my hair healthy, so some knowledge in that area would have really helped me skip the trial and error stage!

My niece wants to start her own blog in the future and loves to help out and opening boxes is her favourite thing to do. Especially when I’ve got deliveries.

I’m incredibly lucky that I have a small person looking up to me the way she does, and my blog is all about encouraging your best self, so I thought she’d be perfect to help her aunty Laura open an advent calendar. She couldn’t be trusted with a chocolate one, neither could I haha!

Whether I’m talking about beauty products, interviewing amazing people or blogging about my life, I’m always looking to create something wonderful and I love inspiring people.

‘Beauty in Wonderland’ is a great beauty advent calendar and I would rate it 10/10 on product quality, I’ve researched each products and they’re all valuable in different ways.

I think the calendar is well worth the money as I know I’ll use every one of them. I’m excited to try out the brands, some I’ve tried before and others I haven’t so look out for my daily blog in December when I try a new product a day.

I hope you like our video and it encourages you to try something new.






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