It’s mid week, its Thursday tomorrow which means its nearly Friday, so not long until the weekend folks! But why are we always looking towards the weekend for fun?

I know some people work during the week and others its none stop or its just weekends but I want to remove the stigma around Monday’s and the midweek porker that is Wednesday.

It can be an absolute drag to feel motivated sometimes and told hold a positive brain cell if you’re day hasn’t gone right can be exhausting but I know I also feel better doing something healthy like positive thinking, a morning smoothie or a workout.

So today I motivated myself with a core workout and some yoga before I attending to a mountain of work I had to do. My method of choice was Body Boss over on Instagram.

They’re a collection of HIIT workouts at 24 minutes, 3 times a week. I also go jogging three times in the week but so far I’ve lost over 2 stone since January, which I’m really proud of.

I love the varied workouts and that they’re not in a gym, you can do them anywhere, the beach, your back garden etc, as I love the outdoors, this is great!

I’m also mad about smoothies and am really into match green tea and baobab powder. The benefits are great and I love how it makes me feel. My skin, hair, nails and in general my mood and energy is so much better when I start my day right.

Happy Wednesday!


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