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    Cardiff and The Exchange Hotel

    A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit one of the swankiest hotels in the heart of Cardiff and soak up my welsh culture and visit Cardiff Castle. Read my experience of The Exchange Hotel and watch the video I put together to show it off.

    How to own a Business with Soap and Tonic

    Creative U.S beauty queen, Annie Lopez who is the brains behind Soap and Tonic, a collection of natural, vegan, paraben free soaps speaks to me about how she turned 2018 into the year she would become a fempreneur.

    How to be an Illustrator with Conkrete Roses

    I speak to suhun and Kesha, the talented duo of friends at Conkrete Roses to discuss what its like starting a business in a developing country, their favourite apps and who they’re vibing off of social media.

    How to be a Hair Artist and Educator with Jodie Austen

    I speak to Jodie Austen on how it felt being booked for shows like Victoria Secret, working on campaigns for Vogue, and speaking at Creative Head Magazine’s The Coterie as en educator…Find out how she took the plunge and how to be inspired to do ti yourself…

    3 Must-Listen Podcasts for the Woman Entrepreneur

    Three must-listen podcasts for the woman entrepreneur and the equipment you’ll need to start your own…

    How to Empower your Career with Elizabeth Cairns

    I speak to experienced coach, facilitator, writer and holistic therapist Elizabeth Cairns, on how to empower your career, and her top tips on motivating your mind, body and business.

    Book Review: The Empowered Entrepreneur by Elizabeth Cairns

    Read my review of Elizabeth Cairn’s book, ‘The Empowered Entrepreneur’ and see how it could lead you to feel empowered in both yourself and your business goals.

    How to be a Blogger with What’s Hot? Blog

    Do you want to earn money from your blog? Have all the creativity but don’t know where to start? I speak to Laura Hartley at What’s Hot Blog and find out whats her favourite app, the essentials to a good review and which camera works for her…

    Lonely Planet: How to be a Travel Writer

    Want to be a travel writer? Well, Lonely Planet’s how to guide might just be up your street. Read my review and how it helped me and could help you too.

    3 Affiliate Programs to Get Involved With Right Now

    Want to get into blogging? Want to work with amazing brands all over the world? Here are 3 affiliate programs to get involved with right now!

    When to Buy an External Hardrive

    Why you should already be backing up your hard drive with an external one, why they’re handy and when to buy one…

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