Laurabeth worked for me at Essentially Pop for nearly 2 years, and I can heartily recommend her in whatever she seeks to do in the future. Laurabeth took over the maintenance of our Instagram account last year, and we saw the followers and views increase dramatically during this time. Laurabeth has an excellent grasp of SEO, and this certainly shows in the rate of growth of our Instagram account.

I have left Laurabeth to her own devices in terms of writing, letting her have her own PR clients to work with, as well as bands to follow up on. Several clients actually asked for her by name, because they were so happy with her work. She has shown initiative in finding artists and events to cover, and has approached event co-ordinators with confidence. I’ve been very impressed by the improvement in her writing style as well. In short, I’ll be very sad to see her go.


I was very fortunate to have the gorgeous Laurabeth interview me for her blog, which was beautifully written and an insightful piece into the world of illustration and self-publishing. I couldn’t be happier with the results and have received a lot of positive feedback. Thank you Laurabeth!

Laurabeth, the editor of WhatSheBlogged was an absolute blast to work with. Professional, smart and fashion savvy – watch this space! – Meg Pirie Stylist


“It’s been a pleasure e-meeting Laura and sharing the Ponderlily story with her. I founder her super professional and her questions very insightful! Wishing you all the best on your blogging journey.” – Carina Lawson, Founder