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I gained a first class degree through hard work and lots and lots of you guessed it…PROOFREADING! The key to good content and also clear content is making sure you’re speaking the best possible English for your audience.

During my second and third year I did pretty well in my assignments and became a proofreader for the student support team at my university. Being a proofreader meant I was reading through year one and two students’ assignments and highlighting errors and correcting them. Correcting errors can be as simple as deleting an extra comma where it isn’t needed, and adding additional grammar for sentences that need it.

After proofreading has been completed, editing then takes place. Editing is my bread and butter. I have been editing everything from company fundraising campaigns to student assignments for the past 4 years. I believe that true editing is being able to master both proofreading and editing in a way that allows the original author’s voice to remain. The most import thing about editing is making sure that the writing still reflects the author’s message in the clearest form that is engaging with the target audience.

I offer both proofreading and editing as a package based on an overall word count. Please email me at: with ‘proofreading and editing’ in the subject for a quote and let me help you spot the difference.

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