Relationship 411: Is liking a photo a crime?

This has cropped up in many conversations with my friends in the past. Is it a crime to like another’s photo? Not necessarily, but it was definitely awkward when I saw an ex, like a photo of a girl he’d often refer to as a ‘friend’.

I mean as a woman you want to feel secure in your relationship, scratch that everyone wants to feel secure in a relationship but, when your bo’s recent social activity pops up on your feed, outing them of what could be innocent behaviour, you have to think, what is allowed in a relationship? 

If it’s not flirting because they’re behind a screen, then what is the 411 on relationships? Why do we have an issue with photos? And is it really a matter of trust?

Dating for me, as always been a reoccurring problem of this illusion of choice. I always seem to pick the wrong men. For the most, I’ve found out through social media about their wandering eye. By ‘finding out’, I mean, friends have sent me snapshots of my then partner on dating apps, or that they’ve asked illicit things to friends like its the done thing.

I can’t say it all a matter of trust, but I can say that the word ‘trust’ is thrown around more than the ‘i love yous’ after one week, and I’ve also had a few of those too.

When is a like more than simply a like?

I think when the subject of liking other peoples photos is like talking about finding a needle in a haystack. You can’t really justify asking your partner about said photo/s without sounding like a psycho.

What I really this whole business comes down to is this little word called respect.

If someone has respect for you then the obvious like of a sport illustrated model or some girl in a tight fitted dress they call ‘friends’ wouldn’t be an issue because they wouldn’t do it.

Behind all the facade of being a doting partner, there are these kinds of fundamental rules about wanting to share your life with someone else, and that’s not wanting anyone else.

I’m going to lay it out for you like a freshly popped tub of Ben and Jerrys…so we’re clear on what’s about to happen,…

They know what they’re doing when they like photos, it’s not an accident. It wouldn’t be liked if they didn’t like it.

However, don’t let me tempt you to stalk your partner. That stuff isn’t good for anyone or anything.

Oh, and don’t start kneading this ball of hate if you ever do come across a photo that turns into an album of ‘gals night out’ liked photos. This girl isn’t a horrible person because they’re not the ones in the relationship, although my feelings are a little stronger on the people who participate in what I deem is bad behaviour.

Ignore all the bull and focus on you, I think if you have your best interests at the forefront, you won’t have time to even look if there’s another photo.

There is a big difference between liking a friend’s photo and liking a photo of a girl’s boobs or bum. Even though I wouldn’t go as far to say it was a crime, the older me definitely has more respect than putting up with a poor excuse like ‘friendly duties’.






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