S2E2: Kelly Pollock

In this episode, I’m joined by Kelly Therese Pollock, host of Two Broads Talking Politics Podcast, and part of the Demcast Podcast Network, working to cultivate, grassroots digital media, and bolster blue electoral and policy victories at all levels of the government, across America.

Kelly is the dean of students at The University of Chicago, facilitating admissions and financial aid to the division. She is an active political speaker and uses her voice to communicate with campaigns and help students understand how they can become involved in local politics and why it is important to be politically engaged.

She is also the co-host of The Vote Her In Podcast, which seeks to inspire and inform more women to be politically engaged and help elect more women into political office.

To find out more about Kelly Pollock, see the links below:

Two Broads Talking Politics

Vote her In Podcast

You listen to the episode on Spotify below:

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