Skincare Trends to Look Out For in 2021

Skincare is a multibillion-pound industry. Every year, it seems likes the goalposts are moving when it comes to what we should be putting on our skin, how often and with what new gadget. 

Here’s a round-up of some of the trends headed your way in 2021. 

CBD Oil 

This ingredient has been making its way into a variety of products. From CBD gummies UK to being added to skincare in order to reduce inflammation which can exacerbate acne and eczema. 

COVID related products

Every country in the world has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to some extent. Beyond the immediate health concerns, it has also had an impact on the skincare industry. The frequent wearing of face masks has to lead to an increase in people complaining of skin issues such as acne. Working from home and conducting most meetings via Zoom has lead people to seek out to improve the look of their skin in order for it to look good on a video call. 

Expect companies to start targeting these problems directly in their product lines and marketing. 

New Beauty tools

Every year there are a number of beauty tools that come onto the market. Most of them are a fad that disappears quickly. Others become beauty staples. Skincare companies are investing significant amounts of money in developing sonic cleansing brushes, UV acne lights and a range of other devices made to improve your skin and let skincare work more effectively. 

Focus on sustainability

As a society, we’re becoming far more aware of how we buy, use and discard products affect the world. The skincare industry has realised this and has started to move towards using sustainable ingredients and altering their packaging products and production methods to reduce their impact on the environment. 


One of the superstars of anti-ageing skincare is retinol

. However, though it is very effective, it’s not without its side effects. Many people experience irritation, dryness and peeling. Those with sensitive skin should avoid it altogether. That’s where bakuchiol comes in. It is being hailed as a milder alternative to retinol. Extracted from plants, it has been shown to improve the appearance of skin damage, wrinkles, and improve pigmentation and elasticity. 

Expect to see this ingredient start appearing in more and more skincare lines next year. 

Ethical commitment from skincare companies

People want to buy their products from ethically run companies. It’s no longer as easy to turn a blind eye.  The policies and behaviour of every company are out there for all to see on the internet and social media.  

In response, companies are moving towards a more ethical stance. This is applied at all levels from the ingredients used in their products, to the recruitment and working conditions of employees. 


It can be difficult to know what skincare trends are just a clever marketing fad and which are truly useful and here to stay. Luckily, there are many good experts and reviews out there that can help you make your decision and up your skincare game. 

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