V-Day D-Day

25th January 2018

  I looked at the date in my diary today and suddenly thought, what the hell is one buying for oneself for Valentines day this year? Yep, if it isn’t already obvious, I’m single. Moreover, I’m single with a cherry on top. This is my second year of celebrating the dreading d-day. I think last […]

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A Blogger’s Christmas

10th December 2017

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year, wooly socks, hot chocolates and the most prettiest and heartwarming interior decorations around. For me, there’s no better place to stalk designs then on Instagram. I’m talking you through my favourite looks from the bloggers I follow. With all sorts of styles and colours, I just […]

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How to Be a Master Baker with Emma Smith

17th May 2017

  Emma Jane Smith, a Marketing and Admin Assistant at Glasdir, Llanrwst by day, and Master Baker by night, has taken time out to talk to WhatSheBlogged on how she’s successfully whisking together both a full time job and a cake business. W.S.B: Hi Emma, so first things first, when did you first come up with the idea […]

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