Character’s Tea House

2nd December 2017

Llandudno is my home from home, and my local shopping destination except Chester, as they’re only a short distance away from where I live. When you live in North Wales, although we have some of the most beautiful views in the world, it’s not great for a fashion addict like myself, let alone being a […]

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The thing with stretch marks

31st July 2017

  Happy Monday! Okay someone has to sprout some wings and talk about them…STRETCH MARKS! There, I said it. I think because we live in a generation now where we feel pressured to ‘look good’ and essentially be better than the filter, we’ve lost the meaning of beauty. I feel partly victimised by particular people […]

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Banana and raw chocolate loaf

27th June 2017

Hey lovelies! After a morning of work, I decided to have an afternoon of baking so i made my favourite; banana loaf. I made a few changes to my usual recipe and added raw chocolate to give it a marble effect which is just beautiful and even yummier! So what you’ll need: 200g of self […]

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How to be a Stylist with Meg Pirie

27th May 2017

Meg Pirie, a stylist from Auckland, New Zealand has organised time out to share her tips and tricks to a fab wardrobe and how to be a stylist. W.S.B: Hi Meg, lovely to chat with you! First off, what a great website, do you think that’s one of the keys to success as a stylist? […]

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