Cardiff and The Exchange Hotel

11th April 2019

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit one of the swankiest hotels in the heart of Cardiff and soak up my welsh culture and visit Cardiff Castle. Read my experience of The Exchange Hotel and watch the video I put together to show it off.

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How to be an Events Founder with Yasmin Kurt

4th October 2018

Last week I travelled down to Cardiff to catch up with Yasmin Kurt, founder of The Wonders of…a monthly bloggers meets brands event business based in Cardiff, Wales. The 28-year-old, who chose The Big Moose Cafe as her venue for her 90s themed event says that she wanted to bring back some nostalgia to last […]

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How to Be an Editorial Boss

11th June 2017

Adam Gold, Director and Co-Founder at BlueJam Media, has managed time out of his busy schedule to talk to WhatSheBlogged on how to be an editorial boss. LB: Hi Adam, great to talk to you today, so BlueJam, how’s that going? Adam: I’m loving it, thanks, Laurabeth. It’s been nearly two years and the business […]

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