I want to be Health with you

22nd March 2018

I think for students, your third year is one of the most important times in your life and one of the main things you need to get right is your health. Contraception like men, I’ve so far always picked the wrong one. From acne to feeling anxious, I’ve had the brunt of it and after […]

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Relationship 411: Is liking a photo a crime?

12th March 2018

This has cropped up in many conversations with my friends in the past. Is it a crime to like another’s photo? Not necessarily, but it was definitely awkward when I saw an ex, like a photo of a girl he’d often refer to as a ‘friend’. I mean as a woman you want to feel secure […]

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Can’t buy me love.

22nd February 2018

Its a Wednesday night and I’m sat in bed recovering from a near overdose from two delicious men named Ben and Jerry’s, when it suddenly dawned on me, can love really be bought? When it comes to relationships, is the ‘honey moon’ period essentially us being bought by dates, promises and promiscuous wild nights under […]

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Dating: Are we Typecasting our future?

12th February 2018

When it comes to dating, do we really have a type? I’m often caught picking the “wrong men” so my friends would say. I can’t say I don’t disagree with them. However, I can’t help but think it’s got nothing to do with a type, but more to do with luck. Is it terrible to […]

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How your career can be detoxing

3rd October 2017

  Hi everyone! So, this week I thought i’d talk about being a student and how stressful it can be if you’re not in the right course for you. Okay, so a few years back I took the wrong course for me! These hands were made to write novels and screenplays not hold brains! Yes! […]

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How to Be a Fashion Blogger with Laura Gilmour

18th June 2017

Laura Gilmour, 22 from Glasgow, UK, has co-ordinated time out of her busy schedule to talk about how to be a successful fashion blogger. LB: Hi Laura, lovely speaking with you today. You currently have over 47K of Instagram followers, how did that come about? Laura: If I am completely honest my Instagram following came […]

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