How to Maintain a Travel Blog When You’re Not Travelling

24th June 2020

Travel is a massive part of most blogs. People want to hear about your stories and read your advice. Plus, you need an excuse to go on holiday and “report” your findings! Of course, the Coronavirus pandemic means that holidays and travel trips are on the back burner.  Unfortunately, this puts you in a sticky […]

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Laying the Foundations for a Bright Future

6th April 2020

For some of us, life as we know it has ground to a halt. While the news headlines might be anxiety-inducing, there are opportunities to take advantage of the global lull. If you find yourself with more time on your hands than usual, embrace the chance to slow down, to take stock of what has happened in your life over the past few years and to think about what the future holds.

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Surviving The Floods in Hanoi

6th January 2020

Picture this…You’re a few days into a year-long trip in a new country, with new roads, new people and new surroundings. The shops are different, the food is new and even the highly polluted air is something you’ll have to get used to because you chose this. You wanted to be challenged. Now, all there’s […]

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How to be a Tea and Coffee Specialist with Seibiant

23rd August 2018

  This week I’m speaking to Sian at Seibiant, who owns a tea, and coffee shop based in Conwy, specializing in Japanese tea. Sian (pictured above) has also won The Best Business in Conwy award 2018. How amazing is that? I have lots of love for Seibiant and what they stand for, and as someone who […]

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How to Travel The World…with Annie and Will

12th July 2018

Meet Annie and Will; a couple based in Sydney who is love’s young dream; travelling the world together and letting us lucky lot have a glimpse into their trips on their Instagram accounts (Annie’s) (Will’s) and blog, ‘Where To Fly Next’. Annie and Will handpick the most beautiful and romantic spots and trips around the […]

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Investing Your Future

8th March 2018

Investments…relationship wise its never been my strong suit but, I’d like to think career-wise I’m doing better. Today, I’ve just taken a step into my future and bought myself my first camera, aaaaaand I saved myself a packet. For the past five years, it’s been my dream to carry on doing what I love and […]

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Can’t buy me love.

22nd February 2018

Its a Wednesday night and I’m sat in bed recovering from a near overdose from two delicious men named Ben and Jerry’s, when it suddenly dawned on me, can love really be bought? When it comes to relationships, is the ‘honey moon’ period essentially us being bought by dates, promises and promiscuous wild nights under […]

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8th February 2018

Define normal in relationships. That’s been a hot topic this week. When I listen to my friend’s relationships, and when they ask me, “Is that normal?” I have to question, what is normal behaviour in a relationship? When you think about it, the word, normal means something different to someone else, and being in a […]

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