Laying the Foundations for a Bright Future

For some of us, life as we know it has ground to a halt. While the news headlines might be anxiety-inducing, there are opportunities to take advantage of the global lull. If you find yourself with more time on your hands than usual, embrace the chance to slow down, to take stock of what has happened in your life over the past few years and to think about what the future holds.

How to Remain Productive When Self Isolating

I don’t know what day you’re on but I’ve been in self isolation now for 5 days and I’m already going stir crazy! I was thinking about productivity and how it’s so important during a time like this that we remain productive when self isolating. I wanted to create a reminder post of a few things that we can do to stay on track.

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Proofreading and Editing

I gained a first class degree through hard work and lots and lots of you guessed it…PROOFREADING! The key to good content and also clear content is making sure you’re…

I offer both proofreading and editing as a package based on an overall word count. Please email me at: with 'proofreading and editing' in the subject for a quote and let me help you spot the difference.
Ninh Binh

Month 2#

Dear diary, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve deleted the words off this page, rethought both the sober and drunk messages that I’ve sent to guys who didn’t…

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve deleted the words off this page, rethought both the sober and drunk messages that I’ve sent to guys who didn’t deserve my day dreams, let alone my scrambled midnight brain. All I know is I need to stay.

3 Botanical Beauties

This week I wanted to talk about botanical beauties and the brands behind them. Botanicals are extracts from plants, flowers, herbs, nuts, seeds, roots and berries and made into oils, face mists and other botanical beauties. These are three of my favourite beauty brands that I’m using at the moment that have botanical ingredients in them.

Joanna Gaines: Homebody Book Review

#1 New York Times bestseller ‘Homebody’ by Joanna Gaines has been on my book bucket list since I heard of its release. The nearly 350-page guide on how to design your dream home finally came through the post on the other weekend and my fingertips were poised ready to peel off the wrappings…

Alexandra Shulman: Inside Vogue Book Review

I’ve always loved the idea of reading an Editor-in-Chief’s diary, there’s always a gleam of magic I think behind a woman’s visible power in a job that influences many and has the possibility to alter history. This month I read ‘Inside Vogue’ by Alexandra Shulman, click to read my review…

How to be an Illustrator with Conkrete Roses

I speak to suhun and Kesha, the talented duo of friends at Conkrete Roses to discuss what its like starting a business in a developing country, their favourite apps and who they’re vibing off of social media.

How to be a Hair Artist and Educator with Jodie Austen

I speak to Jodie Austen on how it felt being booked for shows like Victoria Secret, working on campaigns for Vogue, and speaking at Creative Head Magazine’s The Coterie as en educator…Find out how she took the plunge and how to be inspired to do ti yourself…

3 Must-Listen Podcasts for the Woman Entrepreneur

Three must-listen podcasts for the woman entrepreneur and the equipment you’ll need to start your own…

How to Empower your Career with Elizabeth Cairns

I speak to experienced coach, facilitator, writer and holistic therapist Elizabeth Cairns, on how to empower your career, and her top tips on motivating your mind, body and business.

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