How to be a Boss Babe with… The Wonders of…

9th August 2018

I often wonder what it takes to be a real ‘boss babe’ and the journey behind a success story. Meet Yasmin Kurt, a twenty-something who recently went out on her own to start her own events business ‘The Wonders of…’. The full-time receptionist based in Cardiff, who runs a successful monthly blogger networking events business […]

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I want to be Health with you

22nd March 2018

I think for students, your third year is one of the most important times in your life and one of the main things you need to get right is your health. Contraception like men, I’ve so far always picked the wrong one. From acne to feeling anxious, I’ve had the brunt of it and after […]

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How to be an Illustrator with The Illustrator of Curves

5th March 2018

The Illustrator of Curves, 26, from the UK, who anonymously illustrates beauty is also a part-time pharmacy assistant. Talk about an alter-ego! This queen is helping this generation flip the lid on what the media once classed as sexy and is sketching out the new bible for beauty. As someone who has gained a few […]

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How to Be an Illustrator with Iris Aust

28th February 2018

Iris Aust, 23, a German born Illustrator living in London, who draws around her 3-year-old boy, has sketched time out to let us in on how to be an illustrator. Illustrations are creating a ‘social buzz storm’ within the Instagram community, from buildings to beauty products, everyone wants an illustration but no one knows how […]

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Can’t buy me love.

22nd February 2018

Its a Wednesday night and I’m sat in bed recovering from a near overdose from two delicious men named Ben and Jerry’s, when it suddenly dawned on me, can love really be bought? When it comes to relationships, is the ‘honey moon’ period essentially us being bought by dates, promises and promiscuous wild nights under […]

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Can we really have it all?

5th February 2018

Can we really have it all? I thought, whilst sipping my morning green tea in a quirky coffee shop in town. Then it got me thinking, when do you have a wildly successful career and a great relationship? And is it possible? I say yes! But, that’s probably because my head is filled with sky […]

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How to Ask Someone Out

29th January 2018

I’ve been single for a while now and I’m not ashamed to say that on occasion (even though I’m focusing on my career), I miss having someone to talk to. Although the prospect of not being in a relationship right now doesn’t scare me, any single person will tell you, it gets lonely. I’m not […]

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The Principals of Being a Woman

22nd January 2018

I was watching news segments and reading articles online about the Women’s March yesterday, where women, men and children were marching in aid of gender equality. Inequality is happening to everyone, but for Women’s March, times up on women getting unfair pay, rights, conversations, and behaviour just because of our gender. I couldn’t sit here and […]

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The Art of Getting By

18th January 2018

    I was watching a film this morning with a cup of tea in hand, Pretty in Pink I think it was, when out of nowhere I just started crying. Thank heavens no one was in the house at the time because my family are those people who don’t leave you alone until you’re […]

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