This week I watch the romantic tear-jerker, ‘Midnight Sun’, about a teenage girl with a rare genetic disease who falls in love in a bittersweet story that left me trying to hold back tears throughout.

I think when it comes to love, you’ll do just about anything for happiness. Less Bonnie and Clyde though, and more Katie and Charlie from the acclaimed author, Trish Cook.


When I heard about the new trial of a drug that could possibly help Katie, I genuinely thought they were going to rally up enough cash to save her life and she’d go on to live in love and pursue her music career alongside her romance with Charlie, but I guess this was an alternative ending I had in mind.

Then it got me thinking…what is the purpose of love, if not to be infinite? Or was it that it was real, that it existed in all its spectacular now, that it was this infinite moment of choice, that we all choose to love someone without the knowledge of how long it will last?

I don’t know if its because I’m from a small town where it seems all the good ones have either been taken or just don’t exist within my catchment area, but I find myself still holding out hope or at least dreaming about something real.

I couldn’t tell you what he looks like, but that’s never clear but I’m always smiling, and that’s the demand really, we want to be happy, however long it lasts, from start to finish…happiness.

I’m not talking about the love that fades or reveals itself to be a lie, I’m talking about the real deal, the stuff you tell your friends about…a chance encounter, a summer romance, a stranger you met one day…or for Katie and Charlie, a love that will never be forgotten but used to live on and pursue anything bright.

I think if we all can be something wonderful, an ideal in which we use to do all the things we wanted.

Like Katie, she wanted to be a singer and Charlie helped her do that, even before he realized she had an illness.

I would never want to put all my wishes and hopes into one basket though. You can’t put all your hopes and dreams into another person but yourself. Sometimes the romance of it all can let you think you were never strong enough to go beyond your limits but when you think about it, they’re only the limits you’ve set yourself.

And it might feel amazing to think someone else has opened your eyes to being more and achieving more than you thought, but really you shouldn’t rely on finding someone to show you these things about yourself.

You need to show yourself these new ventures, although I’d say, someone to share that life with would be an awfully big adventure, don’t you?


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