This week I wanted to talk about careers, particularly how they can on identify as being isolated from ‘FUN’ and end up making you feel like your path to success is a lonely one. Although I love being a writer, over the years, I’ve felt as though I could never mix my friends into work.

I’ve got fashion blogger, food blogger and photographer friends who I’ve asked to come with me to gigs or festivals that I’ve covered because it’s SCARY going alone. I couldn’t think of anything worse than to stay alone in a tent at a festival. I’ve heard stories from my friends who have had people just walk into their tent- pee on their tent during the night whilst they were trying to sleep, and it just all sounds a little too like a nightmare for me!

I’m always gutted when I can’t give someone else an opportunity like any of my blogger friends because I’ve been where they are and it can be such a life-changing thing when someone offers a little help with your career, you never know who you might end up networking with.

I’m always grateful for my own opportunities like the fact I’m covering Festival No6 as a guest writer for Essentially Pop. Although I’m not officially working for lovely Lisa anymore, from time to time I cover bespoke festivals up North, because they don’t currently have any writers up here (opportunity hint-hint).

I’m also super excited to be heading up there this year and even though I’m only going for the day, I’ve arranged interviews with two artists, so fingers crossed they go to plan (sometimes artists can cancel their interviews and don’t take this to heart, they’re just super busy)! Look out for my article on Essentially Pop’s website, which should go up next week! Follow their Instagram for all the latest @essentiallypop

So, I’m taking next weekend’s opportunity with full on handshake and going it alone and so should you if there any fellow writers out there who are single and limited with available friends/people to keep them company at such events like festivals, it can be incredibly powerful to be so independent as there will be many times you’d have to go by yourself if you worked for a company that required you to fly out somewhere and interview/write about an event or place.

I’ll have my little backpack with all my equipment and I’m super stoked to be interviewing two talented artists in the process. I also can’t wait to meet the artists and other journalists/writers/bloggers where I can network and possibly create new work connections.

I’ll be keeping you all updated throughout the day with posts and videos on my Instagram of the festivals so keep your eyes peeled for them next weekend!

Happy Monday everyone!




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