Since American actress Meghan Markle married Prince Harry last weekend, there’s been this confirmation of a change in the air to the royal family’s image and I suspect not only to British women but women everywhere.

The whole ceremony was about the ‘power of love’, a real metaphor the was pumped and repumped into the ceremony throughout. I think it was a really important message for the monarchy to put through to the British public, not just for its humanitarianism factor but because the royal family are a symbol of leadership in Britain which Meghan is now apart of.

We all know that being a royal is a very public life and there was no better way to show her influence for Meghan than to honour the late Diana, Princess of Wales with chosen heirlooms like her cocktail ring.

I think including Diana in the ceremony was a wonderful thing to see for a woman in the royal family who besides Kate, is hopefully going to be as beloved as Harry’s late mother, Diana.

We are at such an important time right now with last year’s Times Up movement lighting one hell of a fire to support gender equality, and who better than Meghan, with her work with UN Women?

I hadn’t really heard of Meghan before the TV series Suits and everyone talking about her dating Prince Harry but since watching her UN Women speech, I was really impressed and rooting for them as a couple because I knew she was going to evoke change in the monarchy.

Then watching how she incorporated her culture into the wedding really showed how much she could continue to do for women in the future as being part of the royal family, who brings £1.8 billion every year to the British economy. Thats a lot of money to carry on your shoulders and now with Meghan joining the leadership, she’s done what Camilla and sorry to say this because I love her, Kate hasn’t and that’s become influencial for women’s rights by being the first to add ‘feminist’ to her bio on the official royal website.

This was an incredibly bold although, I think feeling normal to her to be like, ‘yeah, I wan’t feminist next to my name, why wouldn’t I?’ This just shows the level of change and support we should expect from this new generation of royals.

The recent duptuals also highlights the Cinderella aspect that fairtales really do come true and that the happily ever after we all ugly cry over in films like The Notebook and more recently for me, The Kissing Booth are but a possitive thought away.

See here ladies, Meghan and her friend visiting Buckingham palace on a Europian trip circa 1996. Little did she know she’d be living there just over 10 years later as Duchess of Sussex.

Truth is, we needed someone like Meghan to challenge the somewhat stubborn British monarchy into the 21st century and allow her to express her thoughts on the women issues that have been plaguing the world for centuries.

I think the royal wedding can be nothing but a welcomed change that will be a great influence for women and how love can be an amazing, powerful thing in a healthy relationship of equality.




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