Someone once told me that travelling was just a holiday and I couldn’t help but wonder what they meant or how they came to that conclusion, especially when they hadn’t been on a plane.

When I think of the word itself, what does ‘holiday’ really mean? To them, they thought traveling was something that was temporary, and I guess it can be but it had more an aftertaste to them of being something that only lasted while it did, that it didn’t go anywhere or resonate and fester.

To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive

  • Robert Louis Stevenson

This particular quote has stuck with me ever since I visited ‘The Writer’s Room’, a museum (which is free by the way) in Edinburgh last month.

My mother has always said that I’ve been packing my bag since I was 4 years old. I couldn’t wait to explore and go away, whether I was trying the local cheeses at a farm in Austria or visiting Juliet’s tower in Venice, to me travelling has never been just a holiday, it’s been an adventure, an adventure that has altered a part of my life every time.

You see, when I visited Venice, I began dreaming of love, real history defining love, okay, okay, maybe not that but definitely powerful enough to last a lifetime. Shakespeare also gave me the passion to write and conjure up fairytales. Dreams can’t come from anything but passion and they all started when I boarded a plane or a bus or a train somewhere new. My imagination was ignited and my mother’s love for wanting to show me more of the world only grew from there.


Now, in my twenties, I’m independent enough to still travel with my family on occasion but I also respect that they probably don’t want to travel nearly 2 days in economy on a plane. I’m sure my dad would sleep the whole way but my mum would need first class she says with a bed and a sleeping tablet because she doesn’t like long flights. So, I have since ventured on my own to the other side of the world and spent the year travelling with my now, best friend, and it was the year after that I applied for my now, first class degree.

So much has happened since I was a child wandering around with my elephant under my arm, I’ve seen so much on my travels that I feel it has changed me and almost rescued me from such a narrow-minded view of our huge, huge world. From waving at a girl who was dressed in a piece of cloth and smiling the biggest toothy grin, to touring around Bali by myself last year.

Its been an adventure so far but I’m wanting to see even more of the world and hopefully, one day travel with work. Also on the list is to meet David Attenborough but I think I’d have to be incredibly lucky to do that so we shall see. Fingers crossed.

I want to know what you think though, is travelling really just a holiday or can it be something more? And if so, tell me? I want to hear all about your adventures around the world!!






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