So, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve graduated and honestly, it’s been scary. I think when you’re applying for a university you imagine it’s a done deal, that you’ve secured a job when you graduate but quite often (as I’ve realized), the reality isn’t quite so much of ‘done deal’.

The reality is when you graduate, you’re too busy cheerzing to your futures with your classmates in the reception that you forget about the preparation you must do before this pivotal event.

It was during the first year that I began writing for Essentially Pop, where I got to interview bands, go to free gigs and cover festivals for the best part of 2 years. I did that for free because I needed to learn the skills that I would one day be paid for and let’s be honest, we don’t anything at the beginning. My Editor, Lisa kindly took me on with little experience. I think I’d written front page articles for a local newspaper during work experience and freelanced for Grazia. I know that sounds a little more than ‘little’ but really I was answering to an Editor weekly and turning in articles and interviews was nerve-racking in the beginning.

People tell you “it’ll get better, you’ll be more confident” and it really does. A few months in and my relationship with Lisa was going from strength to strength, she loved my work and I truly loved writing the articles. You see, I love meeting people, and I will tell you the people I’ve met so far for interviews are so inspiring and that’s part of why I enjoy writing so much.

The thing is, you have to do a lot of free stuff in the beginning and doing things for free might seem pointless but it really isn’t! I’m about to start my first paid writing job and even though it’s still local and I’m so incredibly lucky to have it involving fashion- another fascination of mine.

In the past, I’ve been a Visual Merchandiser for New Look and Topshop where I’ve been able to express my creativity through styling mannequins and shop layouts. I was head of menswear for a while in New Look before I shipped myself off to uni.

I’m turning 26 this year and although the thought of my birthday creeping ever closer, I don’t regret anything I’ve done and I wouldn’t change it because I CAN’T! Ha!

The point is you can only change the decisions you’ve yet to make, you can’t control the past, only your future and how your life pans out in the next week…month or years and is all down to you. You might not think that what you’re doing now (like for me, I’ve just signed up to We Blog North’s Membership), will count towards your aspirations but maximizing your chances of reaching those dreams.

I have no idea whether this membership will work out for me, and that’s the gamble I’m willing to take because I believe in my blog and the future I see it has.  I like the idea of meeting more people like myself and tapping into a network of writers that I can be a part of.

My future aspiration of being able to incorporate my writing into travel is all about baby steps and I would rather be confident about my skillset (however broad it becomes) than go into a career I’m not ready for.



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