Its the most common question I’ve heard RN, “So why Sex and The Little Village?”

Last week I launched my new video blog, ‘Sex and The Little Village’ on my Youtube Channel, ‘Anythingbutabuttercup’, the same as my IG account.

I’ve had the idea for years, as it was also once a blog of mine with the same content.

The idea spun off the books and TV series Sex and The City. As a writer myself, I’ve kind of placed myself in the role of Carrie…I couldn’t say which one of my friends is Sam, or maybe I do, but she’s not letting me divulge HA!

Sex and The Little Village is a weekly blog where I talk about, sex, relationships and rising women issues.

I think it’s important to be able to express your opinion in a health, fun way, that’s also showing how strong and independent women can and should be (along side our strong men also)!!

I don’t like the term feminist, i’d rather say woman, but I still live with the same values.


I want to encourage other women to feel proud of their sexuality, but also know how to use it to make them powerful and strong.

I also wanted to point out that I’m not bashing all males here, but I will be finger bashing if a guy has been rude because HOLY HELL, it’s intimidating when guys deliberately nasty to kick start their ego. Don’t get me wrong, there are females who do it to but can we write it in bold that being kind to one and other is a good thing? When I see a guy being kind to other women, like his mother, sister, and me (obviously) and random people, it’s sexy AF, no?

HOWEVER…don’t you feel when guys are rude, it’s always to do with our sexuality?

I don’t normally resort to violence but I’ve had guys pinch my bum on the dance floor, and if you know me, when I’m out with my girls, I’M OUT WITH MY GIRLS.

So, I walked over to the bouncer and told him, that guy pinched my butt and he threw him out. HAHAHA

This is the type of stuff you’ll hear me talk about in my vlog. I’ve got not time for rudeness.


I feel empowered that I’m enabling myself to talk about stuff like this, it’s something I talk about with my friends, people I meet travelling, even tutors. I’m such a chatter box!

Last week I was taking about being PC on sex toys, sending unauthorised nudes via Snapchat, awkward dates and weird sex stories.

I received a lot of positive feedback, which is giving me so many happy butterflies, honestly!!

This week I’m discussing sex pest or soul mate: dating apps, first dates 101, and the terrible cases.


I once went on a date with a guy who leant in to ask me something, WHILST PICKING HIS NOSE!! Yes, the bloke had his full on index finger right up there, picking away. I just looked at him like…




I can’t totally remember but, I’m sure I fake dialled my way out. LIKE. I. SEEN. THE. BOGIE. How could you stay?


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Psssst!! It’s Friday tomorrow.





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