Why the watch is the new LBD

Even though I’m a complete born and bread village girl, I know I’ve always been a city chic at heart.

I’ve always had a hankering for travel and my mum says ever since I was 5 I was packing my bag wanting to get on a plane again.

Now as a fashion addict, I’m always looking at whats trending but also wanting to add my own spin on things, and give my style a little originality.

I’ve made fashion mistakes in the past (haven’t we all?), but I know that with a classic accessory you can make a simple outfit pop!

Whether it’s a little black dress, a strappy shoe, or a pair of cat eye sunglasses, you know you  with them, you’re wearing confidence.

I couldn’t think of a better style of watch than the #FREJA by Mermaid Stories . With it’s large silver round face and stylish genuine leather band, it’s going to add a touch of chic to any outfit.

Mermaid Stories is a new born scandinavian-chic inspired company based in Copenhagen.

It’s lush, fresh collections and beautiful packaging, the watches get more pretty as you wear them. Mine also came with some vegan nordic gummy bears. Sooooo yummy and a lovely touch!

What’s even cuter about these watches I hear you say?

Well, they’re all engraved with a mermaid on the back!


For me, Mermaid Stories is simply unique, and I want my style to feel like me, so I need to be wearing brands that put as much detail and passion into their work, as I do into my fashion, otherwise they don’t make the cut.

(Sorry for my fat AF fingers!)

As a fashion blogger and student I want to make sure I invest my money well, and with the sterling silver and gold options they do, there’s something for every style setter.

I’m currently saving up for Mermaid Stories’ CAROLINE watch.

I mean? It’s a fritz bernaise ladies…

These watches are a gem in the fashion world and will be your new little black dress. You’ll love how personal the watches are and how thoughtful the packaging is. This brand get’s 5 star right across the board from me, and first impressions are a big deal!

So I leave you with this, what are you best investments of 2018 so far?






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