Hey, I'm Beth!

Welcome to my blog, Whatsheblogged. I'm a masters student and freelance writer from North Wales. I've always loved meeting new people and started a blog to connect with like-minded women in business all over the world. I'm currently on a journey to use cleaner products in my beauty regime and home, follow to learn more through scientific research. The launch of 'The How To Podcast' series is coming soon, so look out for posts on where to listen.

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Clean Living

I’ve had a passion for clean living for a while now, but since I returned to university to take up my masters, I’ve had a particular interest in researching what’s in the beauty products I use and how they could affect my health. One of the ways I’m doing this is being a clean beauty advocate. By using science backed research to identify how harmful ingredients are to us and the environment, and introducing you to cleaner beauty brands, it’s a step closer to a healthier, cleaner life.

Women in Business

I’ve always loved meeting people and since my internship at a Closer magazine, where I sat in on interviews, I knew I wanted to connect with others. As a woman in business, I liked the idea of speaking to other women about their journeys and sharing tips and tricks on turning ideas and hobbies into a business. I feel incredibly lucky to have met so many incredible female leaders and share their stories. From how to own a catering business in Vietnam to an illustrating business in Kenya, I hope their adventures fill you up with inspiration and give you the confidence to pursue your own.