3 Affiliate Programs to Get Involved With Right Now

For anyone wanting to get into blogging, a community of other people wanting to do the same thing is a great place to start. Last year I knew I wanted to reach more followers and connect with some amazing brands and help spread their amazing methodology so I joined these three affiliate programs that not only help you work on your own branding but also get you involved with their programs socially and I’ve met some incredibly like-minded women over the past year.

  1. Dutch.Blend

Nemi Dupuis, an Amsterdam based blogger, created Dutch Blend a few years ago after her successful partnerships with beautiful brands like M.A.C Cosmetics, Coach, Rosefield, CLUSE to name a few…

If you’re a fashion, beauty or lifestyle blogger then this blogging community is for you. I’ve partnered with Nemi with campaigns for Rosefield, CLUSE and Perditi in the past and as part of the deal you get the products for a great price or for the postage amount in return for 2 Instagram posts and a story for example, but you are emailed all the relevent information and Nemi sends out personal emails every month too.

They’ve just launched their premium service which you pay a small monthly fee with a box full of goodies every three months, ready for you to blog and review just like those beauty boxes that are so popular. I would definitely check out their Premium service as you’d be working with and promoting some great brands which will only lift your online profile and gain you those all-important followers.

2. Sand Cloud

If you’re like me and care about the marine life then this brand is a great way of combining your love of blogging and ocean by becoming an Ambassador for Sand Cloud.

Their mission is to donate 10% of profits to other non-profit organisations that are on the same brain wave (see what I did there). Here are a list of who they support.

You get a generous discount on all products and the chance to be featured on their Instagram. Its good practice to tag brands in any content and make sure you pop your own link on the photo whether it’s your Instagram handle or your website so you’re maximising on your reach.

3. Purelei

I’ve recently signed up to this Hawaii inspired brand who I found on Instagram. They design the most stunning looking jewellery, I just had to be part of their brand.

In 2012, the trip began for our founder Alisa with a semester abroad in Hawaii. The return home to Germany was more difficult than expected. The semester abroad was followed by many more visits to the beautiful island.

In 2016, the longing for the paradise island was the first product designed to bring the spirit of Hawaii into the world.

Together with Freddy and Etienne, who had already gained their first experience in e-commerce, in 2017 PURELEI was founded.

They offer a great ratio- 15% commission with your 15% off. It’s not the biggest discount but I have a hunch the more you work with this brand the better the investment, especially if you have a big following.

Here are some of my favourites:

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